785 Million

people are still living without access to water

VITRU WATER wants to make a change!

Challenges of water supply:

Physical water scarcity

water availability is too low

to meet the demand

typical in:

dry regions with high population

What can we do?

We need to find new water resources
e.g. by digging deep wells

Focus of most NGOs and cooperations

Economic water scarcity

water availability is enough but supply systems

can't provide a sufficient distribution

typical in:

low developed regions in the tropical zone

What can we do?

We need simple and reliable water supply systems which function in low developed regions


if water is available, what's the problem?

Unfair Distribution

Water supply systems are designed to be always full. In low developed regions systems often run empty .

Pipe hydraulics order distribution - first come first serve . Water is distributed unfair.

Conflicts between villages arise. The supply system is manipulated for personal benefits.

The system is being destroyed. Water losses rise and water supply is disrupted.

How VITRU WATER makes a change:

Fair Distribution with "VITRUVIO"

"VITRUVIO" is a tank-based solution to divide water at every junction of the supply system: simple, functional and easy to use.

With a fair distribution conflicts can be prevented. The division of water is managed by the people itself.

Without manipulations the system can provide a long-term reliable and safe supply of water.

How "VITRUVIO" works

Water division by radial weir overflows. Simple set up of specific division and easy to understand function. Once set up, no action required during operation.

Division of water according to set up during non-demand-covering supply.

Backing-up of excess water and proportional redistribution during partial-demand-covering supply.

Common system behavior and water storage during demand-covering supply.

Proof of concept

10,000 people already benefit from a fair water supply

A pilot system with 6 water division units and over 13 km of pipe network has been built from 2015 - 2020 in Northern Vietnam.

Water division is realized by concrete structures with high planning and construction efforts.

"VITRUVIO" simplifies and
allows an easy application

Since March 2020 about 10,000 people are being supplied with water.

The Science behind

The basic concept behind VITRUVIO has been developed in a research project at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) funded by BMBF.

Concept development, system implementation and scientific context have been finalized in a PhD Thesis.

Supply concept, planning criteria and system design have been published in open access research journals.

A hydraulic model to simulate water supply with "VITRUVIO" by using open source software has been published and is accessible for everyone.

Who's behind VITRU WATER?

We are engineers for water supply and business developers with a passion for simple but smart solutions. Projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam taught us that access to water cannot be taken for granted. With over 10 years of scientific experience and two doctors of engineering in water supply we are hooked to transfer our findings on a bigger scale.




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Having no access to water is simply unnecessary.

Solutions have been developed decades ago.

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