Water supply


rural vietnam

leading vietnam to southeast asia's no. 1
in rural water supply

is available


are missing

The Vietnam National Target Program for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation provides already a huge national budget. International fundings to meet the SDGs are available as well.

Today's water supply systems are not designed for rural challenges. Limited water resources are not considered and operation and maintenance is still too complex.

vitru WATER offers new solutions
for rural water supply

today's Water supply in vietnam

Urban regions

85 %

connected to supply systems

100 %

safe access to clean water

rural regions

26 %

connected to supply systems

40 %

safe access to clean water

Living without water supply systems

carry water by hand

collect rain water

transport of water

Why RURAL water supply systems don't work

water is limited

In rural regions water resources are often limited due to wet & dry season.
Advanced technologies to win new water resources are complex and not affordable.
Limited water resources lead to an unfair distribution.

Unfair Distribution

Water supply systems are designed to be always full. In rural regions systems often run empty .

Pipe hydraulics order distribution - first come first serve . Water is distributed unfair.

Conflicts between villages arise. The supply system is manipulated for personal benefits.

The system is being destroyed. Water losses rise and water supply is disrupted.

how vitru WATER changes rural water supply

considering rural conditions

Supply systems must work in wet season when water is available and in dry season when water is limited.
Operation and maintenance must be simple and easy to understand.
Technical components must be robust and easy to use.

Fair Distribution with "VITRUVIO"

"VITRUVIO" is a tank-based solution to divide water at every junction of the supply system: simple, functional and easy to use.

With a fair distribution conflicts can be prevented. The division of water is managed by the people itself.

Without manipulations the system can provide a long-term reliable and safe supply of water.

Benefits of "VITRUVIO"

Intuitive inner structure:
Function has been developed in a research project over 5 years funded by MoST (VN) & BMBF (GER).

Easy to apply:
VITRUVIO can be connected to existing or to new water supply systems.

User managed division:
The division of water can be adjusted and set up by the users or the system operators.

Self acting operation:
No operation personell is needed. VITRUVIO works self-contained by hydraulic design.

Without "VITRUVIO"


Prove of concept in Dong Van, Ha Giang Province

Funding by Vietnamese MoST and German BMBF.
A Vietnamese & German success story: 10,000 people already benefit from a fair water supply.

A pilot system with 6 water division units and over 13 km of pipe network has been built from 2015 - 2020 in Northern Vietnam.

Water division is realized by concrete structures with high planning and construction efforts.

"VITRUVIO" simplifies and
allows an easy application

Since March 2020 about 10,000 people are being supplied with water.

new potentials for rural water supply with vitru WATER

Having no access to water is simply unnecessary.

Solutions have been developed decades ago.

Help us to make a change.

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